June 18, 2018: Audio files of net operations
6 parts in chronological order, solar flux 74, sun spot number 24
Propagation improved as the net progressed

June 2018: Solar figures updated to original source
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June 2018: Peak trans-equatorial propagation occurs about the solstice.
Watch for sunspot enhancement for best propagation of the season.

May 2018: Sunspot minimum, see Solar figures page for details.

June 2017: Sunspot minimum forecast for 2019-2020.

January 2017: Listen to remote receivers over the internet
Thanks ZL1PWD for the link.

June 2016: Sunspot number dips to zero.
The solar cycle is more complex than popularly known.

August 2015: Audio files of net operations

20 May 2015: 45th anniversary of the ANZA DX Net!

21 June 2014: Solar Flux declined under 100

5 August 2013: The Sun's Magnetic Field is about to Flip

August 2013: The current solar flare cycle peaks during the next few months

15 July 2010: NASA Science News article on collapse of the thermosphere

20 May 1970: VK3PA (VK4CPA), Percy (sk) opened the first ANZA DX Net!

Background image: Sunrise over the Philippine Sea