Australia, New Zealand and Africa DX Net
In the spirit of amateur radio since 1970

20m, 14.183 MHz, 0515 UTC, daily
15m, 21.205 MHz, 0415 UTC, Saturday

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Listen from VK7,   ZL,   ZS,   W7,   G1 or choose

A list operation, say your call sign, stand by
The net runs for about 1 hour, all operators are welcome
A QSO is brief exchange of call sign and signal report
Please do not spot the Net on clusters or skimmers


VK3WM, Lindsay
The ANZA Net needs your skill as net controller
We offer an opportunity to put something back into ham radio
Give it a try, email Lindsay: lbrit at activ8 dot net dot au

20 meter net, 14.183 MHz, 0515 UTC

Friday  VK4LJ, John        Saturday  ZL1ANF, Morris

Sunday  VK3WM, Lindsay        Monday  VK4SWE, Lyn

Tuesday  VK4HQ, Terry        Wednesday  VK1TX, Tex

Thursday  VK3WM, Lindsay

15 meter net, 21.205 MHz, 0415 UTC

Saturday  VK2RI, Tony or VK4CC, Col

Background image: Sunset over the Indian Ocean From ISS

Kentucky Fried Bananas, webmaster
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