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Current time:    
20m Net:  14.183 MHz, 0515 UTC, daily
15m Net:  21.205 MHz, 0415 UTC, Saturday

A list operation, say your call sign, stand by for calls
The net runs for about 1 hour, all operators welcome
A QSO is brief exchange of call sign and signal report
Please do not spot the Net on clusters or skimmers

Listen from:   VK7   ZL   VE7   or choose

solar figures unavailable

Net Control Team

ZL1ANF, Morris        VK4LJ, John

VK4SWE, Lyn        VK4CC, Col

VK4HQ, Terry        VK1TX, Tex

VK2RI, Tony        KI6KFB, Ken

VK4LMB, Mike

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Sunset over the Indian Ocean From ISS

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